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We deliver conservation products for preserving metal, stone, concrete and other materials.
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We have a special deliveryprogram for chemicals and raw materials

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Eco Maintenance Solutions from producer Ramex Chemie CTP delivers bulk chemicals to the industrial and agriculture sector, manure and watertraitment.

Ramex Chemie CTP is A company with lots (>35 years) of experience in the problems of the maintenance within each company and each branch. There is already a Europe-wide network, but is also expanding further beyond, whom on a daily bases work from own establishments and with distributors and partners in order of market-oriented businesses to promote adequate, efficient solutions and improvements for maintenance programs and detecting and putting forward the problems. Work and research often leads to the launch of a new high quality chemical technical products on the market.

There are specialists from Ramex Chemie CTP and if necessary with specialists from affiliated partners who work in assignment and in cooperation with the customer focused on maintenance programs designed to create the ideal situation taking in account the many priorities such as:

  • Inventory management,investment reduction,cost decrease
  • Raise the return on assets comfort and convenience, saving on working time
  • Environmental impact reduction, optimal realization of safety, aimed at the health and safety law
  • Simplify maintenance, better products, longer durability of equipment etc. etc.

Ramex Chemie CTP will search for you at the perfect balance between maintenance and effectiveness.

Ramex CTP has been working for years to the complete satisfaction of different services of the Government and Government-related businesses.

In short Ramex Chemie CTP is your partner for all your Eco maintenance solutions.