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A selection from our cleaning product range.

All available resources are organized in containers: 1 liter bottle (available per dozen) 5, 10, 25, 30, 60 liter cans PE, 1000 liters IBC containers lending, borrowing from 5000 to 20,000 liters of bulk tanks.



Product-code: 01923

Product type: Very powerful acid foam cleaner .

The product is used for industrial applications and in the Food sector as particularly powerful foam cleaner. It is a very good descaler, will take rust away from any water and detergent-resistant surface .Also used to atmospheric and general non-fat dry soils. With additional high density foam inhibitor, the product has a very good vertical adhesion and longer durability



Product-code: 01803

Product type: Alcohol spray cleaner.

AlcoClean is usually used undiluted as a powerful cleaner spray on all water-resistant surfaces such as glass and all common plastics but can also be used diluted 1:1 for less dirty work. The product is very suitable for use on office furniture, doors and such. If done properly, the product dries quickly and won't leave stripes.


Alkafoam CL

Product-code: 01933

Product type: Alkalische foam cleaner with active chlorine .

Alkafoam CL is used in food processing industries as well like in the agricultural world and wherever hygienic cleaning should be done so disinfection will no longer be necessary.The product works really well against fat, protein, blood and other organic debris.



Product-code: 01911

Product type: Alkaline foam cleaner without chlorine. 

Alkafoam is a strong foaming cleaner that quickly with the foam lance is processed manually, but its applications are well. 

The product is used in every industry, both food and non food and because of its extra strong foaming action it perfectly sticks to walls and ceilings. Reinigt vetten eiwitten en andere organische vervuilingen.The product is used in every industry, both food and non food and because of its extra strong foaming action perfectly sticks to walls and ceilings. Cleans fat proteins and other organic pollutions. 


All Cleaner 

Product-code: 01835d

Product type: All Cleaner , concentrate with fresh scent 

All Cleaner can be used anywhere where a cleaner for manual use is required. example   washing dishes by hand, taking furniture, sanitary ware, glass and windows, doors, etc. 


Anti Foam HD AF 9010 E

Product-code: 01155

Product type: Foam inhibitor in water solutions. Cleaning, water purification 

Anti Foam HD AF9010E is added in such scrub water that very foaming and should be vacuumed with a wet vac. Also, this product is frequently and successfully used in many water treatment to fight and prevent foaming.



Product-code: 11711

Product type: Neutral water-based polishing cream .

Aquapolish is a water-based polishing cream for polishing metals, plastics (boats), glass, brass, aluminum, copper, chromium, etc .After polishing the product rinse thoroughly with water and it will leave a protective film on the surface.   


Auto glass cleaner 

Product-code: 01803t

Product type: Auto Glass and interior cleaner alcohol-based .

Auto glass cleaner is a ready-made product. It is generally pure process but can also be diluted 1:1 with water for lighter work. If done properly, the product gives no streaking 



Bio Sanifresh

Product-code: 01390

Product type: Sanitary cleaner with enzymes and bacteria cultures. Stan Killer .

Bio Sanifresh contains enzymes and bacteria that ensure that organic matter such as proteins from urine and the like are converted into water and thus cause no more smell. A real killer with a pleasant smell that smell like normal soap can be used against this unpleasant dirt. The product is widely used in public restrooms, stairwells, underground entrances, porches, schools, etc., etc. 



Product-code: 30631

Product type: Solvent-based natural orange terpenes .

Biosolve is a solvent-based game terpenes from orange peels. The product is very strong on graffiti, solving lacquer or paint, rubber marks on the floors of trucks etc. The product can even be used indoors because it is highly volatile and is pleasant to smell oranges. Non-Toxic .


Biosolv HF 78

Product-code: 306330

Product type: Turpentine substitute solution / diluent 

Biosolve HF 78 has a high flash point and is not spontaneously combustible. It is safe to use,  and has a pleasant aromatic smell. Dilution is used for example as paint, solvent for oils and grease, et 


Bio Super 200

Product-code: 01882

Product type: Multi neutral cleaner. HD concentrate. .

Bio Super 200 is a multi-neutral cleaner with a very high concentration. It is usually used for routine cleaning 1:250. Deployable for cleaning all food and non food, schools, hotels, swimming pools, bathrooms, plumbing, etc. Perfect to cool beer glasses in the catering industry.


Bleu Max

Product-code: 01316

Product type: Chlorine-free, safe solvent .

Emulsifying / deemulgeerbaar solvent for use in industry as a very powerful degreaser / solvent for heavy oil pollution and the like. Especially in porous surfaces such as floors BLEU MAX gets the oil upwards. The product is wateremulgeerbaar and may be discharged through an oil separator. Is widely used to remove oil stains from pavements such as driveways, parking lots etc. and oil free of industrial floors .


Carpet New

Product-code: 01055

Product type: High quality carpet cleaner. 

For all projects but also for smaller jobs in hotels, offices etc. The product contains an antistatic so the dirt does not directly and quickly attracted. The carpet stays cleaner longer so.



Product-code: 01148

Product type: Neutral cleaner fast deodorize .

An excellent product for sanitary facilities, stairwells, animal housing etc. Citrobreeze contains essential oils such as Eucalyptus and Citronella making a lasting fresh scent effect arises .


Chlorine cleaner 

Product-code: 01931

Product type: Strong alkaline cleaner with chlorine, low foaming 

Chlorine Cleaner is a cleaner with chlorine machine system for the Food and Non-Food industry and agricultural applications where foaming is not desired and a disinfectant in one pass is required. 


Sheet piling clean

Product-code: 01824

Product type: Trapezoidal rapid alkaline cleaner 

Sheet piling clean is a powerful alkaline cleaner quickly to atmospheric contamination as they appear on the walls of factories and similar buildings. For eaves, fascias, window frames and excellent rust contamination 



Product-code: 01100

Product type: Daily fast cleaner with deodorant (sanitizer)

Deofresh deliver an immediate fresh scent and sanitary areas but also within each classroom as schools, offices, etc. .


Demineraal water

Product-code: 02045

Product type: demineralized water reverse osmosis. Distilled water. 

Demineraal water is germ-free and without solids or minerals such as salt and lime. It is obtained by reverse osmosis membrane - filtering. Applications in Humidifiers Equipment  as battery water distilled as thinner for cleaning, window cleaning and car washes for a streak-free results, etc. 



Product-code: 01115

Product type: Liquid Hand Soap 

Dispenssoap is a thick liquid hand soap for navulautomaten in hospitals, schools, offices, sanitary facilities, kitchens, etc. 


Disinfectant hand soap 

Product-code: 01324

Product type: Disinfectant hand soap .

Disinfectant hand soap is widely used where it is deemed necessary to disinfect their hands after certain activities 



Product-code: 01902

Product type: Slightly alkaline, low foaming floor cleaner .

Low foaming version for scrubbing and scrubber. Good degreasing yet safe for sensitive floors like marble and natural stone. 


Floor stripper Extra

Product-code: 01824b

Product type: high-performance alkaline floor stripper 

Low foaming highly alkaline floor stripper. Specifically for removing old Acrylic wax layers , wax, grease and oil on floors etc. 


Food clean

Product-code: 01802e

Product type: Low foaming alkaline food proofcleaner    

Low foaming alkaline cleaner specially designed for the fast food industry where foam is undesirable. Also great for kitchens of restaurants, hotels, canteens etc 


Freshpure Deo

Product-code: 01103

Product type: Perfume deodorant concentrate. 

Deo Pure Fresh is a concentrated deodorant / air freshener which is used purely as a rule. Dilute the product can also be used for light cleaning  



Product-code: 01001

Product type: Gevelrenovator extremely powerful acid based. 

Gevelex is an extremely powerful acid gevelrenovator. Specially designed for cleaning very old brick facades. The product is also suitable for concrete and engineered stone such as paving. 



Product-code: 500101

Product type: Glass Cleaner with Alcohol-based protective factor. 

GlassProtect cleans glass and all hard surfaces with alcohol base and have a protective layer, after which lime and other dirt poor adhesion and the surface stays clean longer. 


Large kitchen  Superclean

Product-code: 01802e ?

Product type: Universal rapid alkaline cleaner  

Mostly manual for use in kitchens and places where food is prepared. Great for cleaning the grill and hood. Very strong degreasing. 


Large kitchen Descale r

Product-code: 10102

Product type: Concentrated acid descaler . HACCP

large Kitchens Descale r is an acid descale r specially developed for the kitchen but also for all other places where food is working. In the health area, this descale r has been proven. Due to its concentrated formula, the product remains active longer 


Hand Wash Odourless 

Product-code: 01115m

Product type: Unscented Hand Soap  Food and Farma proof. 

The perfectly odourless composition can not taste or smell of food or otherwise transferred 


Industry Cleaner

Product-code: 01842

Product type: Powerful alkaline quick cleaner 

Industry Cleaner is a powerful quick cleaner designed for industry. The product is designed for oily and oil contamination, but also removes fire and soot pollution . An ideal water based degreaser for each industry  


Industry Cleaner Extra

Product-code: 01842?

Product type: Extra krachtige alkalische boosterreiniger.

For applications where all other means fail. Very powerful force not yet equaled. This means is only a beginning where other means fail .



Product-code: 01800

Product type: Neutral interior cleaner for every day .

Because the neutral character of this interior is the mild cleanser for your hands but still extremely powerful in its effect. Suitable for all water-resistant surfaces in the interior .



Product-code: 01819b

Product type: Powerful alkaline cleaner quickly deo .

A very powerful, highly perfumed interior cleaner deodorant quickly. When it comes to deep cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces, and a fresh scent to continuously remain .


Letter remover T1

Product-code: 302304

Product type: Mild solvent 

Letter remover T1 is a mild solvent to remove ink and paint, crayons, rubber marks from shoes, etc 


Letter remover T2

Product-code: 302305

Product type:  Solvent half mild

Half mild solvent for solving paint, ink, glue, rubber stripes but also of forklifts. For more powerful cleaning if it should be needed.


Letter remover T3

Product-code: 302306

Product type: Powerful solvent 

Powerful solvent  for removing inks, paints, adhesives, graffiti, rubber and rubber marks .


Ocean fresh

Product-code: 01130b

Product type: Neutral decor and bathroom cleaner. 

Ocean fresh There is a range from deodorant sanitary cleaners and interior with yet another perfume. Anyone who creates his or her own perfume 


Oilex WB

Product-code: 01382

Product type: Water based oil remover

Oilex WB is designed to remove oil spills from less porous surfaces such as bitumen and concrete floors and paving roads, etc. The product is fully biodegradable. 


Periodic Descaler 

Product-code: 01102

Product type: Very powerful descaler, acid 

Periodic Descaler is a specially developed strong powerhouse to periodically remove calcium deposits from all acid resistant surfaces. ?et agent is also hardened soap scum and alkaline deposition in the way health coverage but also in places where water is working. 


Degreaser  HF

Product-code: 300400

Product type: degreaser  solvent flash point 72 deg c 

RAMEX Hf Degreaser is a solvent with a very high flash point of 72 degrees Celsius so that the product is flame retardant. Degreaser HF is not emulsify with water making it with a supplement on water can be filtered. Product is odour free and contains no chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons. Degreaser HF is normally used in degreaser and rinse sink installations in industry and in automotiv happen. Due to its unique composition, it means at least 4 times longer than a conventional degreaser. That also means less transport costs 


Oven Grill cleanser 

Product-code: 01907

Product type: Alkaline cleaner for burned fats . 

Oven Grill cleanser is a strong alkaline solvent burned and / or vaporized fats are easy to solve and to wash away. For oven, grill, hot plates but also for removing soot and fire damage. 


Ramex Food foam

Product-code: 01974

Product type: Alkaline foam cleaner for the Food Industry .HACCP.

Ramex Food foam is a special high foaming agent with the foam lance is being processed but can be manually applied. It is not only used in the food industry but is also heavy use in agriculture and related sectors. It is used in animal quarters for pigs, cows, dogs in kennels, boarding etc.


Ramex Prochem

Product-code: 01109d

Product type: Acid Cleaner  HACCP.

Ramex Prochem is an acidic cleaner for maintenance in the food industry but also agriculture and related no longer be ignored. The product takes calcium away safe and so are the breeding ground for bacteria. Not only in butcher shops, slaughterhouses, bakeries as well done in the barn of pigs, cattle, small animals, dog kennels etc, the agent often used. In use with varying Ramex Food Foam is a full plate count reached. 


Ramex Prochem LS

Product-code: 01109dLS

Product type: Acid descaler for internal (cooling) systems .

Special version for descaling and cleaning of internal systems such as cooling water pipes, water tanks, boilers, drinking water facilities , etc. etc.


Ramex Treat

Product-code: 01392

Product type: Bio Treatment for organic pollution .

Ramex Treat is a product based on bacteria and enzymes and is designed for the reduction / removal of organic matter such as proteins, fat, excrements, etc. and is used in grease traps , sewers, drains and wherever organic pollution is a problem. The bacteria and enzymes to ensure destruction of the substance which predominantly form water. ?et product works well reducing odor. Grease traps need to be emptied less often clogged by fat and a thing of the past. Not toxic may be used eg in the kitchen .


Rasorb Cure

Product-code: 01713

Product type: Ceramic rapid absorption granules. Reduced waste .

Ceramic granules and oil very quickly record and neutralize chemicals. Does not form sludge like normal cat litter does. Leaves no residue and is completely dry. The product can be up to saturation or 8 times recycled. Means a huge reduction in your waste problem. 


Renova Super

Product-code: 01913b

Product type: Acid renovation means weathered surfaces and dry soils .

Renova Super is specially designed for removing twist and old atmospheric contaminants on surfaces such as appearing on truck chassis, wheels, tractors, weathered paint, stone concrete, plastic (frames), zinc, aluminum, etc. Take away rust and leave healthy material alone and restored it. 



Product-code: 01306

Product type: Clean and disinfect in one operation. Admission to Empire .

Mild detergent that is used everywhere where there is also cleaned and disinfected should be. Also disinfected by cleaning which saves an additional work step. For kitchens, butchers, abattoirs, health practices etc.


Sanosept Professional 

Product-code: 02310

Product type: disinfectant 

Sanosept Professional is a general disinfectant for eg the food industry, SMEs, consulting rooms and waiting rooms for people  etc. etc.


Scrub clean

Product-code: 01021

Product type: Powerful, alkaline, low foaming cleaner scrubber. 

Industrial powerful cleaning machine. Contains foam inhibitors no problems with scrubbers and vacuum cleaners .


Quick thaw grain 

Product-code: 02421

Product type: Safe substitute for salt works to minus 50 deg. Celsius. 

Quick Thaw Grain replace salt. It is safe for all materials such as concrete, stone, marble, granite, carpet to walk on. Quick Thaw Grain is not harmful to plants and contains corrosion inhibitors so as not to cause rust. The operation is exothermic and works immediately once with ice or snow in touch. 



Product-code: 01135b

Product type: Neutralizes odors instantly 

Deodorize a real natural based. Picks up odors and neutralizes them. In addition, the product itself a pleasant fragrance. It is often used in clinics in difficult locations and sanitation coverage to odors can be taken away immediately. Can be dosed automatically. 



Product-code: 01959

Product type: Machine tool for bulk Gloss .

Rinsing is a quick drying polish machine for mass consumption but also for smaller dishwashers that are equipped with a dosing system. The medicine is safe and economical to use. 


Super 2000

Product-code: 01802e

Product type: Multi Cleaner / degreaser almost neutral 

Super 2000 is a very powerful multi cleaner for degreasing and cleaning jobs every conceivable within each industry. The plea is proof HACCP in the food industry and is widely used in heavy industry but also its customers. 


Transpoclean HDA

Product-code: 01906

Product type: Car Shampoo alkaline 

Transpoclean HDA is a very powerful car shampoo that is both mechanically and manually can also be used. 


Transpoclean HDA Extra

Product-code: 01922

Product type: Extra strong alkaline car shampoo 

Transpoclean HDA Extra has an extra powerful effective formulation for the extra hard work. Both mechanically as well as manual processing. 


Staircase Cleaner

Product-code: 01302

Product type: Neutral cleaner with deodorant perfume .

Staircase Cleaner is a neutral cleaner with a high content of long refreshing Deo Spray. The smell takes a long time and ensures a long lasting freshness in often stuffy stairwells. 


Dishwasher Superoxi

Product-code: 01982

Product type: Alkaline liquid detergent industries .

Dishwasher Superoxi is designed for the industrial user. Large kitchens, canteens, hotels, restaurants, etc. By an oxygen active operation, a cleaning booster and obtained an additional clean dishes especially the more difficult jobs. 


Wheels cleaner Alkaline 

Product-code: 01647

Product type: Alkaline wheel cleaner  

Wheels alkaline cleaner is an acid free wheel cleaner and is designed for wheels that can not be worked with acids. This alkaline version removed oil and grease with brake dust and road dirt and is very effective in its operation  .


Wheels cleaner Acid  

Product-code: 01913c

Product type: Acid Cleaner Wheels 

These acidic wheel cleaner is acid-resistant alloy (painted wheels) and steel rims to match. Spraying 1 minute to go and spray with a sharp jet or high pressure produces a perfectly clean rim. Extra strong against weathering and old burnt brake dust. Also great for truck wheels and chassis, tractors and farm machinery .



Product-code: 01923a

Product type: acid foam cleaner. HACCP

Acid Foam is for the Food Industry etc. HACCP with additional foaming action. Regular is usually applied to alkaline deposits, lime and dry diapers pollution. 


The cleaners shown here are just a few of the entire cleaning range.

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