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A selection from the assortment of conservation products for preserving metal, stone, concrete, wood, etc.

There are many possible solutions which are not or are not shown yet because of their specific character. Many conservation coatings are custom made and tailored to your object and needs. Therefore we can always help.

If you can't find what you're looking for call us or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about our conservation products. 


Anti Fluid - Conservation

Product-code: 40056

Product Type: Preservative for electric and electronic equipment.

Anti Fluid find applications where electricity and water are enemies .The product has trough its unique features the ability to let electricity and water work together without any trouble or damage occurring. Suitable for harsh environments in cabinets, contacts, switches, electric motors, electronic contacts, etc. etc


Hydro Fill - Conservation

Product-code: 00203

Product Type: Hydrophobic impregnation for dense surfaces. (Stone) Solvent Base

Stone, concrete, marble, etc. impregnation / hydrophobisation against ingress of water in the form of rain, splashing through spraying, moisture from condensation etc. Goes against algae because there is no more moisture. Prevents frost damage and improve the insulation of walls, prevents pollution. Guaranteed at 10 years 100% attendance / efficacy of the product in treated object. Ask for the conditions. The product is invisible after application. It is not shiny and the stone retains its dry color when wet. Wall work will breathe 100%. Moisture can escape through evaporation but there can be no water penetration.


Hydro Fix - Conservation

Product-code: 00202

Product type: Ditto for normal surfaces. Solvent Base


Hydro Fix WB - Conservation

Product-code: 00205

Product type: Ditto for normal surfaces Waterborne.


Hydro Plus - Conservation

Product-code: 00201

Product type: Ditto for highly porous surfaces Solvent Base.


Hydro Plus WB - Conservation

Product-code: 00204

Product type: Ditto for highly porous surfaces Waterborne


Rins'Shine - Conservation

Product-code: 01955

Product type: Conservation for all water dilutable hard surface 

Rins'Shine is a preservative that can be applied to all hard surfaces such as glass, horticultural glass, paint, metal, sheet piling and sheds factory's, fascias etc . The product is diluted 1:100 to 1:1000 with water after cleaning on a clean surface and sprayed with or without water rinse After that there is a strong protection film formed by the prolonged effects of acid rain and atmospheric debris blocking. It saves 80% on cleaning time.


Car Dry - Conservation

Product-code: 01958c

Product type:Preservative paintwork. 

Car Dry is designed for use on all types of automotive paint. The drug is diluted with water after cleaning the vehicle and then sprayed with clear water to rinse . No need to dry the car, if you do you'll get an even better result. A beautiful high gloss and excellent protection. You will save 60% on cleaning costs.


Clear Coat - Conservation

Product-code: 600120

Product type: Acryl / PU clear coating for any hard surface 

Clear Coat is a strong acril / polyurethane coating which can be applied to any material provided the surface is fat free, clean and dry. Spray or roll with a lacquer roller. The product is water dilutable and is used as protection and decoration on aluminum plating , wood, lacquers metals, paints, etc. It prevents weathering and corrosion and abrasion


PU Armor wax - Conservation

Product-code: 01050b

Product type: Acrylic/PU floor coating.

PU Armor wax is a metal bound dispersion wax based polyurethane and acrylic polymer with a high density .That makes this product a highly wear-resistant coating that protects all hard floors and protects them for a long lasting time. It is applied with a roller or cloth, and after curing it can be "glazed" with a high speed machine with a white pad. The product is water dilutable.


Anti graffiti Coat - Conservation

Product-code: 30112

Product type: Wax coating against graffiti pollution.

Coating against graffiti pollution on basis of wax polymers. With high pressure hot water it's easy to remove. After removing graffiti coating refresh with a new Shield. Keeps 3 to 4 years then you'll have to apply a new shield. Apply by spray or roller.