producer and supplier of bulk chemicals to the industrial and agriculture sector

The people of Ramex CTP who are working in the field are internally very well trained  and specialized in solving any problem as well within the maintenance area of Your business. They are daily active with you to deliver a tailored unique piece of work that benefits you as the costumer. Goal-oriented,they work with you towards the best performance in your approach and use of products and thereby saving you money.

We have specialists for every branch.

People who are trained on that particular complication that you have and take them on. Er wordt dus nooit misgegrepen. 

Ordered products are usually delivered to you within 2 working days. However,sometimes the delivery can be the same day if it is a rush case. This is also possible.

You don't only have the access to a wide range of high quality products, unique in their kind and which originate over the years resulting from research in the field and within our company, but who can also rely on our unique database and the experience of our  R & D department which huge ready knowledge is also caused by again our intensive practices in the field but also within our inside staff. 

In short, " we don't have " or " we can not " is not in our vocabulary.

We always will look for a solution and if necessary a product will be specially made for you. This is how our products come to existence and is still growing with many spectacular applications.

Our people in the field are very driven and are always ready for you and they don't mind if you call them in the evening or in the weekend with a burning question. They also provide advice and guidance for your new staff if new issues should come up or if they need explanation or teaching the new applications,so you will get the promised optimal realization that we want to achieve.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

May you have any comments or criticism please let us know. We could learn from it and we can use it to adapt and optimize.

If you are not a customer yet, then try us out now!

Contact us and/or make an appointment. There are no obligations and initially it wont cost you nothing.